Parents already pay a lot for babysitting, but hiring someone to watch the kiddos on New Year’s Eve is even more expensive. According to babysitting website Urbansitterthe national average for a sitter is around $15 an hour for one kid. But come December 31, that price goes up, and that’s IF you can find a babysitter who’s available on New Year’s Eve.

Urbansitter says moms and dads of one child can expect to pay an average of $17.88 an hour for a New Year’s Eve sitter and if you have two or more kids, the cost jumps to about $20 an hour. But the babysitter’s hourly rate is only the beginning. Most sitters expect extras like free dinner, and transportation home in a Lyft or Uber.

And parents who want to make sure an experienced sitter chooses their family on a high-demand night like New Year’s Eve sometimes even throw in a $50 tip on top of it all. All that money and you haven’t paid for dinner, drinks, or anything else yet.


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