There’s a Starbucks inside of the CIA’s headquarters – It’s called “Store Number 1” and employees aren’t allowed to write the names on cups because, well, it’s The CIA

Donuts only make up 10% of Dunkin’ Donuts sales.

Those Andes Mints you get at Olive Garden are differen’t than the ones you get in stores.  Olive Garden’s has 2 equal layers of Chocolate and Mint, while the store-bought ones only have 1 layer..Hmmm

You’re better off ordering a Double Big Mac than a Kale Salad at McDonalds.  The Big Mac has 680 calories while the Kale Salad has 730

Red Lobster lost millions of dollars by offering endless crab in 2003, which sounds like an amazing concept..The chain lost an average of $1.1-million a month for a while that year….So, back to endless shrimp it is

Denny’s is open 24 hours a day, all 365 days of the year – But for Christmas in 1988, they decided to close most locations. Many stores didn’t even have locks and keys because they’d never needed them. There were 700 of the 1221 locations that had to install locks for the holiday!

Julia Stewart started as a waitress at IHOP – Now she’s their CEO.

Jason Mraz has the remedy for slumping album sales, he bought an Avocado Farm.  He sells 30,000 pounds per year to Chipotle

Wendy’s chocolate Frosty is actually a combination of chocolate and vanilla – Company founder Dave Thomas thought full chocolate would overpower the burgers and fries


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