• Born at full term, and with no immediate signs of issues, at age 3 months, Gwen’s parents noticed that she favored her left and didn’t use much of the right side of her body
  • Brought her to their Rainbow pediatrician, who referred them immediately to neurology. The neurologist thought she had suffered a stroke at birth or in the womb, and ordered an MRI to be sure
  • The MRI revealed a ‘large, significant stroke’ (Rebecca notes that she will never forget those words because her heart sank when she heard them), that based on the rate of healing, probably happened mid pregnancy
  • They were unsure if she would ever walk, talk or function as a typical child.


  • Gwen is not only walking and talking due to early intervention but also running, taking dance class and in preschool.
  • She still faces challenges but is overcoming the odds.

Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital is so important to patients and families of Northeast Ohio. Make a donation by calling the Holiday Lights at Victory Park phone bank at 216-983-5437 or text us at 51555. Make an online donation here.


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