The Holidays are just around the corner and stores are getting busy. If you take your kids with you when shopping – please watch them! If you allow them to run around the store and eat candy, cookies, or break toys and you don’t pay for said items – that’s stealing!
Here’s a list of a few of the things that irritate those in retail:
1.     Rude much? When you walk into a store and you’re greeted, a simple “Hello” or even a smile will suffice.
2.     They’re not babysitters! Do not leave your children unattended or allow them to run around the store.
3.     If your kid opens up a package of toys or candy – PAY FOR IT! The products are for SALE not for you or your kid to snack on or play with while you shop.
4.     There’s a line. Just because a register is open, do not make a dash for it. Look for the entrance to the line, WAIT YOUR TURN.
5.     Decide on your purchases BEFORE coming up to the register. Oftentimes people will decide they didn’t want something and leave it up at the register – this creates delays for the other customers when the cashier has to leave the register to put the item back in its place.
6.     If the credit card machine is programmed to run a certain way, it’s not the fault of the cashier – they didn’t program the machine. Lose the attitude.
7.     Checks. Really? Who still writes checks?  If you do, please don’t complain about the delay or having to show your license. The workers are just following procedure.
8.    They know you’re stealing. Hiding in a part of the store where you don’t think you can be seen? They see you.  They remember you. It’s only a matter of time before you’re caught and prosecuted.
9.     Sure, come into the store 5 minutes before it closes. Just be sure to be out at closing time. The store hours are posted on the doors. Yet, customer think if they make it in 5 minutes before the store closes, they can continue to shop for another 30 minutes.
10.    Retailers want you to have a wonderful experience when in their stores, the cashiers, workers are doing their best to be friendly and accommodating. Just remember to do your part as well.
Do you work in retail? Feel free to add to this list.

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