If you watch COPS or LIVE PD, I’m sure you’ve seen someone get caught with drugs and they claim the drugs don’t belong to them – it’s not their car; they’re wearing their cousin’s pants; etc.

OHIO GOING BLUE posted this on their Facebook page.

Just a couple of tips and insights to share with your friends to avoid ending up in jail, and how being in jail really works.

Tip 1.
Don’t wear other people’s pants…there is always drugs in some stranger’s pants.

Tip 2.
It is my experience that TWO beers leads to more DUIs than one or eighteen, as I only hear about TWO. Avoid TWO BEERS. Stats reflect increased arrest rates.

Tip. 3
Fighting with the Police is a very, very bad idea under any state of mind, much less when you’re inebriated and can hardly stand up.

Tip 4.
If you have a court date for a citation, go to court. NOT going doesn’t make it go away. There’s these dumb things called warrants.

Tip 5.
When you need someone to bail you out of jail, your success is increased if you DON’T yell and swear at them when you’re on the phone.

Last but not least.
Unlike TV would have you believe, there aren’t attorneys waiting in the booking area for you to arrive. Your arrest, court appearances, and final resolution does not all happen in a one hour episode.



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