B-Spot is the greatest hamburger place I’ve ever tried, hands-down. Plop me down with a Lola burger, some rosemary fries, and a generous helping of sauces and pickled red onions and to me, it’s what heaven must be like.

Now, Michael Symon is gonna revolutionize his joint with The Impossible Burger.  It was developed in Silicon Valley by chemists, chefs, and farmers.  It looks, tastes, and has the same mouth-feel as a burger, plus there is zero cholesterol.  The secret ingredient is called Heme which is an iron containing molecule which acts like the blood in meat.  It gives the burger its burgery taste.

The burger is not meant for vegans, but for those of us who want to cut back on the amount of meat we eat.

Order your favorite burger “Impossible” and enjoy.


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