Study shows that 1 in 5 grandparents hate what you named your kid! One of my nieces has a ‘nickname’ for my parents (her grandparents) unbeknownst to my niece, my parents hate the nicknames my parents complained to me all the time – I find it hysterical 😉 they should have mentioned it years ago and now it’s too late.

My friend whose Dad passed away has a niece that named her new baby after him (my friend’s dad) well the grandmother hates that she did that and just can’t call the baby by its given name.

I think to play it safe when you are attempting to honor someone by naming your child after that person, maybe ask first? Aside from that, if you have a name that you love – use it. When I named my daughter Lillian so many people said “That’s an old lady’s name” I really loved the name so she’s Lillian.

This article talks about the other chosen names and grandparents that just can’t bring themselves to address the kids by their birth-names. You can read the article here.


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