So, we started with wine in bottles, then boxes, and then we got really crafty and figured out a way to put it into a can.  Now, we figured out how to put it into a pouch a la Capri Sun.

It’s called Electric Rosé and I think I’m in love with the idea.  How many times have you been walking around with your purse or man bag in one hand, and a bottle in your other hand and have had to endure the judgy looks from other people?  Mostly because they are jealous of you.

Now you don’t have to worry about that.  Slip a pouch into your carry-all and stick the straw in for a mid afternoon treat.

The pouches will also work at the beach, or anywhere glass is not allowed.  I encourage you to store it separately from your kid’s Capri Sun unless you can face that very awkward call from the school.

They come in 6 packs which equal a bottle and a half, which you can share with a friend, friends, or just yourself because back to school stress is a real thing.

Read more about the fun and where to get it HERE






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