Des Has A Pet Lion! ;)

Our pup Butters was just miserable – even in the air conditioning, just panting and couldn’t seem to get comfortable. So, I did this…

fullsizerender18 Des Has A Pet Lion! ;)

Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Shaved her like a lion – almost 😉  She loved it! I was so surprised, she was laying on the floor as I shaved her and falling asleep. She’s so comfortable now, it really made a difference.

IF you have your pet shaved, please know that the fur/coat doesn’t always grow back the same, and if you shave them short and they’re outdoors for a period of time, put pet-safe sunblock on them because they too can get sunburn.

We get a kiddie pool and our Shepherd loves it, so much so, he won’t let the other dogs in it!

Also know that if the cement or pavement is hot and uncomfortable for you to walk on, it’s also very hot for your pets and they can burn the pads of their feet – please take care of your pets, they rely on you to love and care for them.


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