Glenns Really Uncensored Review of Something Rotten at PlayhouseSquare

When I read that the new show “Something Rotten” was at PlayhouseSquare, I quickly read the synopsis so I knew what was in store.

“Takes place in 1595 and it’s about two brothers who are competing against William Shakespeare”…  I thought snooze-fest, lots of accents, and humor over my head.

Boy, was I surprised.  It was so fresh, and they kept things moving, and you will love it.  The two brothers are commissioned to write the very first musical EVER.  I laughed so much, and the show  pokes fun at musicals and how they take themselves so seriously.

There are numerous musical references including Rent, Guys and Dolls, Sound of Music, The Lion King, and more.  If you are looking for a night out and feel like laughing, you can not go wrong with Something Rotten.  It’s at PlayhouseSquare through May 14th

To read more or to order tickets, click HERE




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