Life is easy as a mom, right?  You have plenty of time for the kids, to cook, to clean, and of course, plenty of time to yourself.


As parents, we hate that our kids are on electronics as much as they are, so here are some apps that you may not have heard of, that are actually worthwhile and benefit YOU..the parent, the one supposedly in charge.

Mint – Sticking to a budget is tough, especially when there are so many  things at Target. Mint is an app that can help you get your finances organized, set goals, and save for your kids’ college funds, all from one place.

Keepy – If your closet is filled with your child’s finger paintings and art projects, this app can help you digitize copies of all the masterpieces, and even share them with grandma and all the aunties. So you won’t need to save every physical copy anymore you’ll still have the image.

Choremonster – The idea of giving your kids jobs to do around the house to teach them the importance of hard work is great, but actually getting those kids to do said chores? Not so easy. Choremonster creates a game out of the whole thing and offers rewards for tasks like teeth brushing, table clearing and such.

Playground Buddy This app helps you find playgrounds around you when you’re out on the go, and they even list the amenities each has.

PBS Kids – Two words: Daniel Tiger. If you don’t know what that show is, your preschooler does!

Now, get your kids on the I-Pad and pat yourself on the back….You’ve figured out parenting 😉


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