First pitch at 4:10pm.

The Indians will face the Chicago White Sox.


Effective today from 12:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. YOU WILL BE TOWED!

•          East 4th Street from Prospect Avenue to Huron Road
•          East 9th Street from Carnegie Avenue to Superior Avenue, both sides
•          Prospect Avenue from East 14th Street to Ontario Street, both sides
•          Huron Road between Ontario Street and Prospect Avenue, both sides
•          Carnegie Avenue from East 14th Street to East 9th Street, both sides
Parking downtown is going to be EXPENSIVE. So far, the prices at 6:30 am are starting at $40. You can only imagine how high the prices will be as the day continues on. So, we highly recommend riding the RTA. Much cheaper, no driving and you can ride it all day!
What’s new at Progressive Field?
Market Garden Brewery
New menu options such as Veal Parmesan Sliders at Slider Dogs and Po’Man’s at Great Lakes
New LED Lights
What can I bring?
You can bring a 20 ounce SEALED bottle of water.
Can bring banners and signs (just don’t block the view of other fans and make sure it’s clean)
Bring your own food (must be “single-serving”)
For more information on what you can bring, click HERE.
For more details, click HERE.

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