img 0881 Glenns Really Uncensored Theater Review of Mamma Mia!

Hey guys,

So I saw Mamma Mia for the first time last night.  I know, who sees a show for the first time that’s been performed in front of 60 million people and grossed over 2 BILLION dollars since it opened in 1999?

Me, that’s who.  Sometimes you’re just late to the party…And speaking of a party, wow! The story is a tiny bit risque at times, but I’m not gonna lie, there is so much here for everyone to enjoy, that you will be hard pressed to remember anything other than the amazing music.  Let’s face it, no one needs to hear “Dancing Queen” again except at a wedding, but in this amazing piece of theater, it sounds fresh and you won’t be able to stop your toe from tapping.

In fact, all the music sounds fresh and you can tell the influence that Abba had on today’s artists like The Weeknd and Calvin Harris.

It moves quickly, there’s never a dull moment, and you won’t find your self adjusting in your seat because chances are you’ll be in your seat moving to the beat already.

I don’t write theater reviews, so there’s not a lot of big words or parallel language and I don’t try to come up with impressive analogies either.  For a show to be great in my eyes you need a good story, and even better music.  This doesn’t disappoint.

It’s only in town for a few more shows, you can get tix and info HERE




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