Thank You Cleveland, We Raised $237,201!

Hey guys,

So, My family has a small La Croix sparkling water obsession.  We drink it like it’s water.  Umm, yeah.  So anyways, we are pretty diligent about saving every can, in special bags, tucked away in my mom’s garage because we have no room  (3 kids).  This has been an ongoing assembly-line type operation.  Can bag hangs in the trash area, bag gets filled, mom gets called, bag gets transported.  As you can see, we were pretty busy today getting the bags out of the garage

img 0847 Heres What 6 Months of Saving Aluminum Cans Got Glenn

They finally got loaded up in my minivan

cans Heres What 6 Months of Saving Aluminum Cans Got Glenn

We took them to a recycling center in Berea, and had 76 pounds!!!  I began planning our cruise to the Bahamas, what I would buy my wife at Sax Fifth Avenue, and what cut of steak I would make for dinner.  Turns out I made $25.75.  Here’s the point, though.  It’s 25 extra bucks I didn’t have, I saved some whales, and made the Earth hopefully better for my kids.  I think it was time well spent.  Now, which fast food place has a 2 for $4 thing going on???




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