Glenn’s Valentine’s Day Ideas For Busy Parents

glenn valentine's day

Hey guys, it’s Glenn.  Do you remember Valentine’s Day when you first got together with your sweetheart?  Spending days finding just the right teddy bear, heading to Malley’s to buy the “good” chocolate.  Spending a sitcom’s worth of time picking out a card at Halmark or Holcombs?  Oh, and of course the dinner.  Do you buy lobster tail at Topps or do you go all out and take her to Pier W or Swingos?  Ahh, the good old days..Before kids!!

Now, Valentine’s Day is about getting the kids Valentine’s Day boxes decorated on time, making sure you buy the cool emoji Valentine’s Day cards, and of course, romance is at a premium.  Here are a few ideas to make everyone feel special this Valentine’s Day.

  1.  Have the kids make Valentine’s Day cards to each other.  There is nothing wrong with having siblings show love towards one another. Give them  plenty of construction paper and stickers.  Plus, this buys you a bit of alone time (always thinking)
  2.  Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday which is highly inconvenient.  Don’t let that stop you from showing your lady how much she means to you.  Text her random memories of some of your favorite dates throughout the day.  I don’t think you need to do flowers and chocolate because to me, that’s phoning it in.  Instead, pick up a bunch of appetizers from your favorite restaurant together and enjoy them with the kids at home.  Bonus points if you put on your favorite musical artist on Alexa.
  3. After your appetizer dinner, dance as a family in the living room to your wedding song.  The kids will make fun of you and giggle uncomfortably, but the best gift you can give them is to show them you are still in love with their mom.
  4. Give the kids candy!  If you are smart, you still have some stashed from Halloween.  Promise them the big candy bars if they clean up the entire kitchen.  Kids are like sheep when it comes to candy, and this will eliminate the stress of you or your wife having to clean up.
  5. While in bed, tell the kids what you love about each and every one of them.  Be specific, don’t just say you’re a good kid.  I always remember my night time rituals with my mom, and this is an opportunity for some lasting bonding time before they pass  out from their candy coma.
  6.  Now that the kids are in bed, come downstairs and…  Nothing creates a bond more than communication.  Look her in the eye, ask questions, talk about an upcoming vacation you want to take or something you wanna buy for the house.  Just avoid finances and politics, we are trying to set the stage here.
  7. Should you be so inclined, pour a glass of wine.  If you’re looking for a cool gift idea, I bought Steph some Lionel Richie wine glasses off of Etsy.  You won’t find them anywhere because no one makes them except this one lady and they are incredible.  She will hand paint any artist you want.  Go the extra mile when thinking of your girl, don’t just head to the mall and get her what every other guy is getting their girl last minute (boring).
  8. Lastly, if you’re married, watch your wedding video.  If you are dating, put on the first romantic movie  you saw together.

I hope this helps you out.  Remember, Valentine’s Day is not about knocking something out, or having to do something because of what society says.  Yes, treat your family like it’s Valentine’s Day everyday, but let’s be honest, that doesn’t happen in real life.  This is an opportunity to pause and remember why you are all together.  Don’t forget your parents, as well.  Have fun guys!!

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