Sponsored By HS Weight Loss Broadview Heights

I’ve been eating healthy for nearly 3 weeks now. I’m following a plan designed by a doctor and I was told that I would lose between 20-40 pounds in 42 days.

So far, I’ve lost 14 pounds! It’s working.

The first thing my friends ask is “how do you feel?” I feel great! I actually quickly jog up the two flights of stairs at work and I’m not out of breath when I reach the top. I have more energy, I’m staying up later than I normally would, and my clothes aren’t tight! YAY!!

I’m going to stick with this program, and it’s easy to do because I have daily support from the Doctor and his office.  We text daily (they do this with all their clients), I know without the support system I wouldn’t be able to stay on track.

I’ll keep you posted, and will post a before (OMG)/after photo when I’m done.


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