Mr. Diamond had some serious trouble conjuring the word "salsa."

By Hayden Wright

Jimmy Fallon does a legendary Neil Young impression, but last night a different Neil appeared on his show to play Password with Fallon, Natalie Portman and JJ Abrams. It was Neil Diamond and Fallon versus Portman and Abrams, and the first round’s password was “salsa.” Diamond got close but not close enough with his guess of “salad,” which, to be fair, was more on-the-money than his original guess of “Charo.”

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In the next round, the password was “tickle.” Perplexingly, Diamond doubled down: “Can I use ‘salad’ again?” he asked. It didn’t help matters that Portman and Abrams were operating on the same wavelength. The Harvard-educated star of Jackie guessed “tickle” based on the simple clue “feather.”

Finally, the password was “Mistletoe.” Diamond returned once again to leafy salad imagery for his hints. By the end, he and Fallon lost the game in a landslide.

“I’ve never thought about salad more in my life!” exclaimed Fallon.

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