There have been many recalls this year.  I’m sure you all remember the exploding phone ordeal.  Here are 5 things to avoid buying..

  1.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 7.  It blows up.  You know that, but apparently you can still get them on Craigslist.

2.  The GoPro Karma Drone.  It loses power mid flight.  It makes for a really bad boomerang

3.  Samsung Washing Machines.  3 million of them were recalled because the lids fly off during the spin cycle.  I guess that helps with the air drying?

4.  Soylent.  It’s a meal replacement powder made by the rich people in Silicone Valley.  Apparently it causes symptoms you would need Pepto for.

5.  “Smart Home” products.  You know those internet connected devices that control your lights and garage door?  Apparently its a good way for the bad people to break in and hack your internet.  Sheesh!

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