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If you’re anything like my friends and I, you’ve been on every diet fad out there. If you’re struggling to lose weight, I may have found the solution.

I found a doctor that has a health program (I don’t really want to say ‘diet’ it’s a whole new way of eating) and this program claims I can lose 20-40 pounds in 6 weeks. I would love that!

The doctor did all the medical ‘stuff’ and went over the plan step-by-step. Explained how it all works and how our bodies respond to certain foods and nutrition. The doctor and his staff are with the patients every step of the way and that’s a big part of the success, a team to support and inform us throughout this journey to get healthy.

What I’m going to do is play “guinea pig” I’m going to do this program and post an update every Friday on whether it’s working, how I feel, etc. At the end of 6 weeks I will post my final results then you can decide for yourself if this would work for you.

I started this on Sunday, November 13

Day 1 (11/13) is my fat day. I ate avocados, butter, bacon – anything I wanted.

Day 2 I started the program. My coworker has a bag of leftover Halloween candy sitting on her desk – I know…leftover? Come on, eat it all on Halloween like everyone else does! Another is offering up blueberry muffins.

I pass on it all. SIX weeks. Six weeks is what I have to commit to, and I will.

Day 3 – I’m down 3 pounds.

Day 4 – down another 2 pounds.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been eating:

Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Spinach with tomato and raspberries, vinegar and lemon, topped with diced, spiced shrimp.

img 0062 Des Healthy Friday Week 1

Spinach, arugula, mushrooms, blackberries, and cod with vinegar, lemon, and lots of spices.

Seems to be working. I’ll keep you posted every Friday on how this is working. Fingers crossed 😉



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