I was reading an article “Confessions from McDonald’s employees” it said after reading this you may ‘second guess your next meal’. It wasn’t about the food, or the quality of the product, it was more about the employees and what jerks they can be. This isn’t exclusive to McDonald’s this happens everywhere.

My son works at McDonald’s – it’s his first job. The other day he had to clean urine off the slide in the play area! Gross!! He told me that they always wear gloves and change them often and that the employees do wash their hands and work surfaces and keep everything clean. Good to know. Although they still put my fries upside down in the bag! 😉

In the article, employees talked about how they don’t wash their hands, they make customers wait because they perceived ‘attitude’ from the customer, they don’t clean like their told to, etc.

We’ve all had an experience at a restaurant that probably didn’t sit well with us, whether it be bad service, gross food, or filthy surroundings. When that happens I just choose not to go to that restaurant again. You can read the article here.

What’s your best/worst experience at a restaurant?



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