I’m sure we can add a few to the list as well, like “I could care less” when you actually mean “I could NOT care less.” What word/phrase annoys you?

According to business insider, these 12 words and phrases should not be used at work…


“This is part of a ‘set’ or family that goes with ‘Totally,’ ‘Like’ and ‘Um.’ A family that no one wants to visit,” says Taylor.


Avoid vulgar language and profanities at work. They’re unprofessional and dumb you down.

“Having a trash mouth never got anyone promoted, and can get you into trouble at work. Save it for your ride home (unless you take mass transit),” Taylor writes.


“This makes you wonder how much productivity time in corporate America could be gained if this useless word could be ‘literally’ banished,” she says.


“No one really needs to shout if they’re congratulating you,” Taylor says. “So let’s put this phrase to rest.”

Get the rest of the list here.



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