Poor Zac Efron! He won an award for “Best Shirtless Performance” at the MTV Movie Awards last night, and Rita Ora proceeded to RIP HIS SHIRT right off on stage, objectifying the star in front of an audience of millions. I love this British newspaper article that asks if the chest reveal smacked of “sexism” – maybe they’re right. Do we treat men and women differently when it comes to showing off skin?

Here’s the moment in case you missed it.

You’ve got to hear former President George W. Bush get kinda pervy at his Presidential Library the other day. It’s in The Scoop audio.

And, did you see the absolute schmuck on Wheel of Fortune the other night? The rules are – if you DON’T PRONOUNCE the puzzle correctly, you DON’T WIN. Sounds fair, right?

Is the guy stupid, or was he nervous? You decide!


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