We scoured the Internet and found 50 random facts you might not know about Nick, A.J., Brian, Howie and Kevin.

1. The Backstreet Boys first gained popularity in Canada and Europe prior to hitting it big in America.

2. Howie is considered to be the best dancer in the group and was the only one to study dance professionally.

3. In 1995, the Boys won a Smash Hits Award in London for Best New Tour Act and performed the gold single “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” on “Top of the Pops”.

4. In his spare time, Aj tends to write a lot of romantic poetry, and adds that special touch to many of their heart-warming ballads.

5. Kevin’s secret fantasy is to be the “President” for a day.

6. All of the ideas behind the video for “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” were formulated by the band members alone.

7. Nick does many comic style drawings of the band while on tour and thinks nothing of sneaking-up behind someone and drawing right on their clothing.

8. AJ used to smoke but he quit when he realized that it was ruining his voice.

9. Nick Carter once starred in several small budgeted television commcercials.

10. Kevin was once in a local top 40 cover band in Kentucky before heading to Florida.

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11. Nick has a golden retriever named Simba and four cats and also two other dogs named Michael and Willy.

12. The boys have invented their own fast-food sandwich which is actually two in one; a regular hamburger combined with a fish sandwich which they call ‘Surf and Turf’.

13. Kevin celebrated this birthday last year in South East Asia.

14. New York radio station 2100 sent Brian an audio get well card after his recent heart surgery made up of all the well wishers who dialed a special 800 number upon request.

15. AJ’s favorite meal is McDonalds food.

16. Howie is a devout Catholic.

17. Brian would have loved to star in the movie “Tainspotting,” and sights it as one of his favorite all-time movies.

18. Nick is currently considering serveral acting roles in big hollywood productions.

19. Kevin was engaged to be wed when he was just nineteen.

20. Howie likes soft pajamas with feet.

21. Brian got his start singing in his church choir.

22. AJ is still dying his hair. The most recent color red.

23. Kevin receives the most fan mail of all the boys.

24. Brian has a tattoo of a cross on his shoulder.

25. Nick’s favorite video games are “Mortal Combat” and “Super Mario” and “Little Nicky”.

26. Look for Howie in the classroom scene in the hit comedy “Parenthood”

27. AJ hates the sight of clowns and claims to get “feaked out” whenever he sees one.

28. Howie is learning to play the guitar and plans for show off his skills on the near future.

29. The Boys lose luggage whenever they take a trip.

30. The Boys have been banned from three prominent Eurpoean hotels because of the rowdy nature of their fans.

31. Nick’s favorite singer is Steve Perry of the former rock band Journey.

32. AJ performed on stage for the first time when he was 6-years-old, when he played Dopey in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Florida dinner theater.

33. Before his singing career took off, Brian, worked in the kitchen at the fast-food fish-n-chips restaurant Long John Silvers.

34. Howie’s favorite stop so far of the Backstreet Travels around the world is Spain.

35. AJ’s mom joins him every time he travels on a concert tour. She’s the group’s tour publicist.

36. Kevin was about to enlist in the United States Air Force when he was invited to be in the Backstreet Boys.

37. Nick’s most embarassing habit is biting his nails.

38. Before he hooked up with the Backstreet Boys, Kevin Fine-tuned his performance skills by playing Aladdin and a Ninja Turtle at Walt Disney World.

39. Whenever Brian hits the mall his favorite shop for clothes is the Banana Republic.

40. Nick was offered a role on the Disney Channel TV series The Mickey Mouse Club but fortunately he turned it down to join the BSB in 1991.

41. Howie inherited his exotic good looks from his mom, Paula, who is Puerto Rican heritage and his dad, Hoke, who traces his family roots back to Ireland.

42. Kevin’s nickname in the group is Boo Boo.

43. There are only three things that frighten Brian…”I’m scared of heights and I have a fear of roller coasters and ferris wheel.” he confesses.

44. Nick’s biggest splurge since becoming a music superstar has been buying a new house for his family in Florida.

45. Howie went by the stage name Tony Donetti in his pre-Backstreet Boys days, when he was acting in plays, in TV commercials and in feature films, such as 1989’s Parenthood.

46. When he’s not singing on stage, AJ likes to head for the kitchen and cook up a storm. His specialty is spaghetti sauce that make from scratch. “It’s wicked.” AJ brags.

47. Kevin can’t resist and food containing peanut butter-so you can be his fave snack include peanut butter cookies.

48. Brian began his singing career as a choirboy at the Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky.

49. Before he soared to superstardom as a singer, Howie was way into dancing. When he was little, he performed with an all-boy ballet troupe.

50. The first book AJ ever read was “The Witches” by Roald Dahl.


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