Why It’s A Bad Idea To Drink And Fly…

How can an airline passenger wind up gagged and bound to his seat with industrial tape?

Imagine if you will, you’re waiting for your flight to NYC from Iceland, maybe you can’t wait to get to see the Big Apple, maybe you’re a little nervous about flying and that whole US customs thing, maybe you think it’s all going to be on big party in the sky, but for whatever reason, you stop by the local duty free shop in the airport and manage to consume an entire bottle of liquor (and not the little samples sizes either), then once you board, you forget that you’re actually on a flight and think instead that you’re at a wild party where all the female passengers must be giving you the eye, so you hit on them, and spit on other guys who are clearly competition and preventing you your rightful membership to the mile high club….

That could be the only justification for such behavior, right? (That is if you can actually justify that behavior). That’s what a 46 year old Icelandic man did yesterday on a flight to JFK International Airport. Oh, but his story doesn’t stop there… Oh no. It gets much worse….

After hitting on all the lovely ladies, this guy must have a realization that he was in the air, and really started to freak out. He was grabbing other passengers and screaming “we’re going to crash!” (Well, maybe he was, but the plane was safe).  He became so out of control that it took a crowd of passengers to restrain him, and for good measure to keep him in place, they taped him to his seat…. That is going to be one ugly hangover.

The moral of the story is folks, never down an entire bottle of duty free liquor and fly if you are prone to drunken freak-show outbursts…

See the picture of this guy taped to his seat.


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