It’s the time of year when we girls brainstorm to find gifts to give our guy that are original and unique Christmas presents that say “I love you”… and if you’ve been with your guy a while, coming up with new ideas don’t flow as easy as the holiday eggnog (at least in my house anyway).

Or maybe you have a guy like mine – not so easy to shop for because: A) He never actually answers when you’re tossing around ideas, or: B) he thoughtfully says “I don’t want anything.”

Really?? I mean seriously? Nothing?? Come on…

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t skip coming up with a cool gift for one of the most important people in my life, and Shine is here to help guide us with 6 Gifts your Guy Will Hate – to help steer us in the right direction.

Apparently there are gifts that will irritate him just like the gifts that some men give irritate us (eh-hem, vacuum cleaner, gym membership, etc)…

Here are the top 6 things NOT to buy your guy for Christmas…

6. Digital Photo Frames. (Better cross that one off the list – and yes – I was thinking of getting him one…) but Shine says don’t because it’s a thing of the past, and are “chunky and overrated”. Alrighty then.

5. Generic Ties. (Better cross that one off too)… Why not a tie? If your man wears ties everyday and you get him a generic everyday tie – it’s most likely going to underwhelm him. Instead get him a tie that is uniquely “him”. Only then it should be a go.

4. Gifts That Send A Message. For example; if you have been nagging him to organize the mess of a garage, you might want to pass on organizational units for him for Christmas. It’s more of a gift for him that give to YOU. Not him. But if your man is handy, and you want to get him tools, go ahead as long as he wants tools – and know the make & model of the ones he wants. Just don’t give him tools to finish the deck you’ve been nagging him to finish…

3. Novelty Items. Many of these items hit the dumpsters as soon as the selling trends slow. If you are going to give something on the novelty end of things, make sure it actually serves a function, such as a bottle opener.

2. Shaving Items. Shine says to think about this before picking him up shaving brushes, and suggests getting him an old fashioned shave instead, and while at the Barber’s let him pick out the items he likes.

1. Replacing His Favorite Things. Now this one is truly tricky… and I think Shine nailed it. Even though you might hate his favorite shirt, good luck (trying) to replace it, and unless it isn’t usable any more, don’t go there.

I have to admit, I have given just about everything on this list (ironically, I thought I was being brilliant, but clearly wasn’t). The tools I gave my ex probably sparked the biggest argument of our entire marriage. What about you?

What disastrous gifts have you given?


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