It’s that time of year – to squeeze in as much holiday feel good as we can muster up for the next month. Time to set aside family disputes and open up a can of jolly on the world that will give us all the warm fuzzies.

One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit (besides music) is Holiday movies, and I’ve rounded up a list of my faves, be warned though, I have a tendency towards funny over sappy. Don’t get me wrong; sappy is good, but it can be like an over used seasoning.

Home Alone

What can I say about this? There’s nothing like a little kid outsmarting a couple of idiot crooks to the point where you might think about feeling sorry for them… key word here is might.

Love Actully

OK – so here’s comedy and sappy – in a good combination with an award winning cast.


A funny cynical twist on a classic. What more can you ask for, besides Bill Murray at his best?

The Sound Of Music

This is a tradition that started with my grandmother. Every year when I was growing up, The Wonderful World Of Disney would air The Sound Of Music, and all of us kids would gather and camp out in the living room to watch it – actually at the time it aired, commercials and all. Our living room would be littered with sleeping bags, pillows, kids, the dog and cat and tons of snacks. Being the youngest, I never made it through the whole thing, but I did see the start every year, so this one’s totally sappy and sentimental to me.

White Christmas, Miracle On 34th Street, It’s A Wonderful Life

These all get a mention – the classics we grew up and offer up s dose of wisdom from an era gone by, that we could use every once in a while in our uber fast paced lives.

A Christmas Carol

Now there’s A Muppet Christmas Carol, which is a hoot (let’s face it, Kermit is the ultimate Jacob Marley)… The 1970 with Albert Finney (who’s interpretation of Scrooge is definitely among the best), one of my fave’s is the 1984 version with George C. Scott as Scrooge. This is the version I grew up with and no one (in my mind) has matched his Scrooge abilities…. until Jim Carry took a shot at the role in the animated 2009 version.

A Christmas Story

A Cleveland tradition, How can you not love this movie as it captures everything uncomfortable about being a kid in that era. “You’re gonna shoot your eye out, kid”

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Lethal Weapon

If you’re looking for uncanny action Christmas movies, (or maybe you just want to remember when Mel Gibson was truly awesome – and HOT). Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is from the same people as Lethal Weapon. If that’s what you’re seeking,¬† these movies are for you.

Christmas Vacation

This is the ultimate Christmas movie for me. A dash of awkward, a dash of sap and a whole lotta hilariousness. Guilty confession: I probably watch this at least three times during the season, and always cry laughing at Cousin Eddie.



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