9 Reasons To Be Thankful For Twilight

Regardless if you’re a fan of the Twilight saga or not, you have to admit that the Twilight franchise has given us many great things over the past couple years, in fact, if it wasn’t for the huge success of these movies, who knows if the popular television show “Vampire Diaries” would have made its way to our TV’s or the recent success in more young adult novels. Either way, here are the top nine reasons to be grateful for Twilight.

1. Vampire Diaries

The CW picked up Vampire Diaries after it was noted to be somewhat similar to the popular Twilight movies. In fact, there is nothing similar on TV to the Vampire Diaries so with the vampire hype in the air from the movies, it only made sense that the same fan base would latch onto a similar television show. The show takes the general concept of Twilight with “vegetarian” vampires – those who only feed off animals rather than humans – which gave a sense of repression in which the vampires were denied their desires. The cast of the show is also really easy on the eyes which helps us appreciate the show even more.

2. Young Adult Novels On The Rise

Twilight was the first publishing craze after the success of Harry Potter and the series sold over a million copies which helped keep the struggling bookstores in business. Before the Hunger Games made its way to bookstores, Twilight had already inspired a ton of publishers to pick up more young-adult series. After picking up series in the paranormal romance genre and YA fantasies, the Twilight series had thus created the new genre in young-adult – Paranormal Romance.

3. More Shirtless Men

Well all know there were plenty of shirtless men in popular culture before Twilight but after the release of the second two movies in the Twilight saga, it seemed as if those werewolves couldn’t keep their clothes on which lead to wonderful moments of naked men running around our screen. This may or may not have led to the creation of the next best shirtless men movie – Magic Mike.

4. Summit’s Teen Movie Factory

Not only did Twilight spark more novels in the Young Adult section but it also opened the door for new movie ideas for Summit including the new zombie themed movie “Warm Bodies” which actually has a really good trailer.

Other movies that Summit picked up is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and Veronica Roth’s Divergent, the movie version of which is coming in March 2014, Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi and If I Stay by Gayle Foreman. To see the rest of the list, click here!

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