Can you imagine all of the Kardashian Klan in the delivery room when Kourtney has her baby? Well, it’s actually a new trend in parenting to have the sibling of the baby in the birthing room to watch. Before your eyes pop out of your head, take our poll and tell us , would you do this?

A  number of hospitals say they are getting requests from families to have children present during delivery, with many believing the experience makes older siblings less jealous. Researchers have found mixed results, and let me tell you, as someone who is the oldest in the family I can say I don’t think I would have liked this experience. Why would I want to see my mom like that? Ick…

But we are leaving it up to you, would you do this? Have you done this? Take the poll and leave a comment below!

Comments (2)
  1. Sheri Roberge says:

    No way – First of all, one of the scariest things ever for a kid is to see one of their parents in pain. Are we going to tell the mom to keep her screaming down so she doesn’t scare the other kids? Really? Also, what if, God forbid, something bad happens during delivery to either the child or the mother? Remember – you can’t “un-see” something. Once you’ve seen it, it can’t be erased!

  2. mary q says:

    No family members, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN should be in the delivery room. This is an intimate mother, father experience. People just think WOW, THAT’S GOING TO be SO COOL.

    The doctor is delivering the baby with the assist of the RN, who by the way is trying to document EVERYTHING going on. If baby in distress Respiratory Therapy to assess, NP or Resident on board. Hope your delivery goes like you picture.

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