Less than a week after their U.S. release, One Direction have made chart history. The first U.K. group to debut at No. 1 with their first album, Up All Night, the band is grateful to their American fans.

One Direction’s Niall Horan told Chunky at 92.3 NOW/New York of the band’s surprise success.

“It’s absolutely amazing. We can’t believe what’s going on. We didn’t expect it,” he said. “Before it ever came out with pre-orders it was No. 2 on iTunes. We’re really excited!”

The band’s LP debuted at No. 1 last week and knocked Adele off the charts.

“She’s been No. 1 for a while and it’s great. We’ve been urging our fans to go out and go into every store. Go into Wal-Mart and get your exclusive copy and go to iTunes to get the album ‘cuz it’s gonna be a long weekend,” he added.

Horan explained how the group got started before he filled Chunky in on his favorite American food.

“We all auditioned for the X Factor in the U.K. in 2010 as solo artists and then we got put into a group,” he said.

Currently on the road a lot, 18-year-old Horan had a hard time picking just one favorite food.

“Oh man, there’s so much stuff. I’m a massive food fan. I like Applebee’s. We eat a lot of fast food because we’re always on the road. Wendy’s, Steak ‘n Shake. Oh my God it’s incredible, we love it.”

One Direction’s Harry Styles chatted with Drex from Kiss 95.1/Charlotte and Jason Cage from B96/Chicago about his admiration for Adele, hearing “What Makes You Beautiful” on the radio for the first time in Chicago (“I’ve actually got a picture of me next to the radio with you on”) and the band’s appearance April 7 on SNL (“We’re very excited.”)

“Adele is just such an incredible artist. I think pretty much at the moment everyone in music looks up to her. She literally cannot do anything wrong,” he said and later admitted she is his dream collaboration.

Recently, Nickelodeon announced that One Direction will have their own TV show.

While details on the TV show have yet to be revealed, the band will perform at Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards March 30 and make an appearance in an iCarly episode. And, if that’s not enough for fans 1D dolls and bobble heads are available for purchase.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local


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