So I was visiting my friend Judy Hunter from the APL on Saturday and wanted to make her something.  Judy’s a vegetarian and I didn’t have much in my frig Saturday morning, but I had some egg roll w0n ton wrappers and some Stouffer’s frozen spinach souffle.  I thought I’d share this last minute recipe with you that I will definitely make again!  I had enough to share with intern Lauren for lunch today!  BTW, is it just me or does Lauren look like [lastfm link_type=””]Sara Bareilles[/lastfm]?

This made 14 spinach rolls….

Preheat oven to 400

Mix one package Stouffers spinach souffle (defrosted in microwave), 2 eggs, 1 cup parmasean cheese.  Keeping a bowl of water near your won ton wrappers, moisten the edges of the wrapper and spoon in a couple of tablespoons of your spinach mixture.  Fold over edges and and seal and roll.  Fold up ends to center of the egg roll.  Add some shredded parmesean to the top of the roll and bake for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.


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